Hi there! I'm a computer science undergrad at Brown University, where I'm excited about every facet of creation. Currently, I'm interested in the translation of cool things into other cool things (still working on turning that into practice), storytelling, and physical fabrication.

At Brown, I work as a TA for a class about discrete math and probability, graphic designer for the Brown Center for Students of Color, create layouts for the College Independent, and am involved in STEAM and Hack@Brown! When I'm not ranting about a short story I just read, you can typically find me laser cutting in the BDW, sketching, or taking an absurdly long walk.

Beyond my digital adventures and humble code, find me on LinkedIn, Behance, and Medium.

This website is built w/ love, set in Tajawal, and hosted on Github.
UI/UX design and graphics for a delivery/order app. prototype learn more
Self made magazine composed of creations from freshman year. read it here
Capture moment with light and color
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graphic design
My obsession with typefaces, part iv.
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An app prototyped to help connect students in a crisis. Prototype